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Surf's Up: Internet New Zealand Style

Surf's Up front cover

Katherine Phelps and Chris Lipscombe
Surf's Up: Internet New Zealand Style

Published by Reed Publishing,
Auckland, New Zealand
© 1996 Katherine Phelps and Chris Lipscombe
ISBN 0 7900 0459 3

RRP NZ$29.95
144pp, software disk included


Using the Internet is like eating potato chips. You may think you've only eaten one or two, but before long the bag is empty and you're still hungry for more. . .

If you're not already addicted to the Internet, this book is designed to get you hooked. For your money you get an introduction to the Internet, a guide to getting connected, stuff on surfing skills, a (small) chapter on Internet commerce, and an invitation to go surfing, with links to Web, FTP and Gopher sites as well as newsgroups in New Zealand and overseas. In the back there's an extensive glossary and some information on Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in New Zealand.

The book includes an offer of a Cruiser account with The Internet Company of New Zealand (did I mention that already?) with no setup charges and only one month's payment in advance (instead of three). There's also a Windows 95 startup disk, which you can trade in for a Windows 3.1 or MacOS disk if you want.

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