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Case Binding

The original version of this guide sheet was written by hand in rather elegant Black Letter script and distributed to students by the London College of Printing. This version is my own.

  1. Fold sections, or
    Collate, note imperfections, pull to pieces.
  2. Knock out old joint.
  3. Guard where necessary.
  4. Press for 8 hours, and when guards are dry
  5. Mark up, saw in, and sew.
  6. Reduce swelling.
  7. Tip up first and last sections, or
    Tip on endpapers, and leave under a weight.
  8. Glue up, using a thin, hot, flexible glue.
  9. When dry, trim head, tail and foredge.
  10. Bind the book. For flat back, round only, or
    Round and back the book.
  11. Apply first and second linings.

Case Making

  1. Cut boards to size.
  2. Cut hollow and the covering material.
  3. Make the case and allow to dry.
  4. Block the case.
  5. Case in and press for 8 hours.

Optional: Case in and letter or tool the book after pressing.

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