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Fine Binding

Follow the sequence of operations suggested for Case Binding up to Step 6, then

  1. Make endpapers, to include a waste sheet.
  2. Select and cut boards oversize, and line with paper.
  3. Sew on endpapers.
  4. Fray out cords or slips.
  5. Tip up first and last sections and leaves.
  6. Glue up, using thin, hot flexible glue.
  7. When dry, trim the edges if required.
  8. Round and back the book.
  9. Cut boards to the required size.
  10. Make holes in the boards.
  11. Cut channels in the boards to accept the slips.
  12. Paste slips, lace in and knock down.
  13. Adjust the book in the standing press.
  14. Clean off and leave the book in the press for 8 hours.
  15. Trim head, tail and foredge.
  16. Decorate edges, and apply head and tail bands.
  17. Line the spine, and apply a hollow back.
  18. Cut leather to size.
  19. Pare the leather.
  20. Prepare book for covering, i.e. back corner, slit hollow back, mitre corners.
  21. Attach corners and spine. Set head and tail.
  22. Trim out, fill in and apply siding material (for half-bound book), or
    Trim out and fill in (for full-bound book).
  23. Trim endpapers and attach.
  24. Press for 8 hours.
  25. Hand tool the spine.
  26. Apply foil, gold leaf or blind-tooling if required.

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