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Library Style Binding

Follow the sequence of operations suggested for Case Binding up to Step 6, then

  1. Make endpapers, to include a waste sheet.
  2. Make split boards.
  3. Sew on endpapers.
  4. Tip up first and last sections and leaves.
  5. Glue up, using thin, hot flexible glue.
  6. When dry, trim the edges and decorate if required.
  7. Round and back the book.
  8. Clean off and set the back.
  9. Make the flange from the waste sheet.
  10. Cut boards to size, and allow for groove.
  11. Reduce the size of the flange.
  12. Glue inside the split and insert the flange.
  13. Adjust the boards, to allow for the squares.
  14. Allow for the French groove.
  15. Press for several hours, until dry.
  16. Reinforce the spine and joint area with mull and Kraft paper.
  17. Apply a hollow back if required.
  18. Pare the leather for a leather covered book (may be applied to a tight back).
  19. Cover in a suitable material.
  20. For a leather covered book, trim out, fill in and apply siding material.
  21. Glue or paste down the endpapers.
  22. Press for 8 hours.
  23. Hand tool the spine.
  24. Apply foil, gold leaf or blind-tooling if required.

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